I Love you Because....

So I finished week two of the “Be My Valentine” challenge and I must say, the more that I do for my husband to tell him that I love him, the more that I want to do, and the more ideas flow in to me! :) I am having so much fun doing this! And then on top of all of this amazing fun, I am starting a new 30 days of encouraging my husband. This to me goes hand in hand with me finding new ways to show my husband that I love him. What better way to show my husband that I love him, then to spend each day telling him and making it evident not only in creative little love notes and messages, but in my words and deeds. :)

The Gift All Husbands Want for Valentines Day

Here is the link from week two of this challenge on the Women Living Well Blog for those of you who are following along or are interested in joining in:

10 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to Your Husband

So here are a few ways this last week that I have said “I love you” to my sweet husband :)



Mirror Love :)

I actually took another one of our sons bathtub crayons and wrote on our bathroom mirror a little love reminder for my husband. :) He at first thought that I might have wrote this for our son(who is 3 and cannot read yet, lol) Sometimes my husband is a little oblivious to obvious things ;)

Love Letter

Here is a little love letter that I wrote and left in the car for my husband. :) He found it on his way to school. (This time I placed it in a place that he couldn’t miss it, lol)

Love letter

And here is a picture of the back of the love letter that I left him. I put on his favorite lipgloss and left some kisses on the back of the envelope :)

Why I love my husband

Here is something that I am doing everyday up to Valentines day. I posted this on our bedroom door, and each day I put up a new heart with a new reason why I love and appreciate him. It is something that he can see each time he looks at our door – and I hope this shows him a little why I love him so very much (though these will barely scratch the surface!) :)

Why I Love My Son

I also made one for our son – lol, he was starting to feel a little left out of all of the love! ;)


These are just a few of the things that I did this past week to let my husband know that I love him and that I appreciate all that he does for us and for our family. I encourage you to join in with me – it is never to late to come up with creative ways to tell your husband that you love him. Remind him of why you married him, why he is so important to you, and why you still are crazy in love with him. I promise, it will make a difference in your marriage. :)

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